Renewable energy sources and energy efficiency

We aim to help our customers understand the best fit combination of technologies to match their needs. We can then support through the specification, bid assessment, power purchasing agreement, contractor quality management, testing and certification of the facility.

Our team have years of experience in the field of renewable energy sources and have a wide experience on the diferentne fields and technologies

We give full support in the procurement and production of energy plants, then its processing and sales, as semi-final and / or final products.

Based on proven and reliable assortments of the electric turbine, we offer solutions for increasing the efficiency of the gas / biogas and diesel gas engines, ranging from 5 to 9%, using the exhaust heat energy from the exhaust gases of the engine and turning it into free power.

These turbines make gas and diesel- powered gensets work more cleanly and effectively, by recovering waste energy from the genset exhaust to improve power density and fuel efficiency.

By using the established principles of turbocharging and turbo compounding with this equipment we recover waste heat energy from the exhaust of reciprocating engines and convert it to free, grid-quality electrical power.