Providing consulting services, including the development of financial models, forecasts of production and production cycles, a comprehensive risk assessment, then the services of design, construction works, construction and supervision.

Forecast revenues and cash flows under different assumptions of key parameters. We prepare a comprehensive risk analysis, including financial, operational and technical risks, and make recommendations for strategies.

Analysis of energy yield, development of feasibility studies, providing concept of production of plants and plants` sections.

We can assist you with creating of the financial structure for projects, as well as finding financial resources and how to fund the project, re-financing projects, granting , etc.

We produce project technical documentation, documentation for participation in tenders, selection of EPC partners, obtaining licenses according to all legal regulations and respecting the specifics of each client.

We comply with all legal regulations, protocols and test conditions, guarantee the quality of installation of equipment and performed works.

We provide services to investors, as well as those who develop projects and support a full life cycle of projects.